Deskera E-Invoicing

Ensure faster invoice processing and payment with Deskera’s PEPPOL-ready e-invoice solution.

Enjoy free e-invoicing via the PEPPOL network when you get started with Deskera.

1. What is e-invoicing?

It is a process that allows businesses to transmit invoices securely and easily. Through e-invoicing, businesses can improve efficiency, lower costs, speed up payment cycles. Deskera is part of the nation-wide electronic invoicing initiative implemented by the IMDA.

2. Faster payment cycles

Processing, validation, and payment collection is a tedious process. With a universal process for e-invoicing in place, it becomes faster and more convenient to pay and get paid, making it easier for SMEs to grow and scale.

3. Reduction of costs

Unlike PDF invoices that first need to be emailed and then require manual data entry, an e-invoice can be sent directly from your accounting system into the recipient’s accounting system. Businesses no longer need to print copies of invoices, significantly saving on paper resources and printing costs.

4. International connectivity

As businesses grow, operation expansions may also involve transacting with overseas partners. With Deskera e-invoicing, businesses can easily send e-invoices anywhere in the world, and it even works between two different accounting systems.

Create invoices quickly and accurately, reduce error-prone manual entry.
Save costs of printing, posting and storing invoices. Retrieval of invoices is also instant.
Instantly invoice your customers. E-invoice is sent directly from your accounting system into the recipient’s accounting system.

How to start E-Invoicing?

Sign up for Deskera’s online software.
Register on the E-invoicing Network.
Receive $200* and start e-invoicing for free!
* One time grant payment of $200 (per UEN) supported by IMDA.

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