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Having 30 years of experience in financial applications, IT Infinity recognises the significance of a company’s accounting, payroll, and manpower operations. Our solutions are utilised by numerous SMEs in Singapore to enhance productivity, decrease errors, minimise fraud, and ultimately, boost their bottom line.

Our company is the authorised partner for Sage ERP and CRM applications. Our software are ready for turnkey implementation and customisations that meet your unique requirements.

For existing users of Sage / Accpac accounting software, you can count on IT Infinity for Support and Maintenance. We provide both on-site and remote support to assist customers with Sage / Accpac accounting software.

IT Infinity is a PSG pre-approved vendor for Sage solutions

PSG Grant

As an authorised Sage Partner, we can assist companies in migrating and implementing their accounting systems to Sage 300 (which is a well-known business accounting solution formerly known as ACCPAC).

Our solution has been pre-approved for Productivity Solutions Grant, which means that companies that purchase Sage 300 ERP software through IT Infinity are eligible to apply for the PSG grant. IT Infinity has a proven track record of assisting and supporting companies in this process.


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Satisfied Customers

To date, IT Infinity is one of the major enablers of Sage solutions and HR software for SMEs in Singapore. We have many satisfied customers.

What customers say about us:

IT Infinity provides accounting solution, payroll software, time and attendance system, leave management solution for SME in Singapore.

Popular SME Solutions

* These solutions are either supportable by government grants or available as part of pre-packaged IT solutions under the PSG scheme. Contact IT Infinity to find out more.

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