IT Infinity is dedicated to providing the highest quality solutions to meet customers’ diverse IT requirements. We owe our success to the support of our customers. Below are just a few of the many testimonials from our clients.

Sage 300 ERP / InvoiceNow

It was great working with IT Infinity Pte Ltd because IT8 Team was professional to advise and efficient to deliver what they have promised and committed. The implementation of Sage 300 was successful and we are happy to Go-Live within our targeted timeline. Sage 300 has resulted in a more streamlined operational workflow, replacing manual and time-consuming processes. This has tremendously increased our company’s productivity and transformed into digitalisation. We are satisfied with the services provided by IT Infinity and look forward to a long term working partnership with IT8 and Sage. Accounts/HR Executive


Sage 300

Purchase of SAGE 300 ERP System & Support Services:IT Infinity Pte Ltd has a proven track record providing Sage 300 ERP support to SMEs and MNCs for over 15 years. We have chosen IT Infinity based on their proven track record implementing and upgrading all versions of Sage 300 ERP across many different industries. While Sage 300 ERP is designed to cater to most businesses, our company finds the need for specialised features that are not found by default IT Infinity helps us with the programming and customisation of our Sage 300 ERP system in order to maximise utility. As our business expands, IT Infinity also assist us in integrating Sage 300 ERP with our third-party application such as Warehousing System. IT Infinity has capitalise our ERP investment by streamlining work processes. automating mundane processes and introducing management reporting tools to increase business agility. We are very satisfied with the quality and services provided by IT Infinity and we will not hesitate to recommend to our business associates. Ms. Lily Wee, Finance Manager


Sage Accpac Maintenance

Purchase of SAGE 300 ERP System & Support Services: We have chosen Sage 300 ERP system for its proven credibility, reputation and user-friendliness. Through recommendation, we purchased Sage 300 ERP from IT Infinity Pte Ltd. We are very comfortable with the services provided by their staff. Their IT Specialists implemented our system smoothly, in accordance to our users’ requirements. They are very approachable, committed and dedicated in their work. Besides help desk support, they will arrange for site visits to assist us in solving our problems, if required. We are pleased with the Sage 300 ERP system, being very useful and easy to use. With the successful implementation of Sage 300 ERP, it helps to reduce our staffs’ workload and increase efficiency in management reporting. We will not hesitate to recommend IT Infinity Pte Ltd. Ms. Woo, Director


Maintenance Support

Purchase of Sage CRM System & Support Services: We had purchased the Sage CRM system from IT Infinity Pte Ltd. Sage CRM provides GFS’s sales team to find and retrieve various groups of customer information quickly and easily, handle customer queries efficiently and manage our timely sales cycle. GFS now enjoys better customer relationships with the sales, marketing and customer insights from Sage CRM. GFS’s previous paper-based system had not kept pace with the growth of the company and could not support the high level of services demanded by its customers. With Sage CRM, GFS not only eliminated manual updating of data, also time lost and risk of misplacing data on paperwork. We received very strong IT support and training from IT Infinity Pte Ltd, during the installation, setup and implementation of the CRM system. There is no downtime and my company’s operation was not affected at all. We are very satisfied with the IT Specialists from IT Infinity Pte Ltd, with their expertise, patience and commitment to serve, we are able to resolve problems encountered in the CRM system. These substantial improvements is vital for our company in order to promote productivity and efficiency in our sales team, regular sales reporting for timely management decision making, enhanced coordination between sales team members and customer service greatly improved! Ms. Su Fern, Personal Assistant to Managing Director


Accpac Software

Purchase of SAGE 300 ERP System & Support Services: Sage 300 ERP was naturally the best choice for Prime Products Pte Ltd to replace our outdated ACCPAC DOS Accounting and Operation system. Sage 300 ERP was recognized by our company for its reliability, accuracy, user-friendly, reputation and easy integration. With the successful implementation of Sage 300 ERP, our staff could now experience productivity gains with their renewed ability to access essential information quickly to complete their work more efficiently and effectively. It has also greatly helped our staff detect errors quicker and rectified, hence improving overall accuracy in reports generated. As a client of IT Infinity Pte Ltd, we feel comfortable recommending their services. The customer support was very satisfactory. They provide us the assistance immediately on any queries and anytime. Their IT Specialists are friendly, patient and committed to serve us. We have been very pleased with the quality and services provided by IT Infinity Pte Ltd. Ms. Karen Ng, Administrator


Time Attendance System

Purchase of VIRDI System and Time Control: My company is one of the largest waste paper collector and export specialist. We need to have full control over >60 employees’ attendance and overtime clocking data authenticity. The VIRDI System and Time Control Module facilitates the computation of our employees’ overtime allowance… reduces time taken to manually calculate overtime hours and human errors (are) avoided. We received very strong IT support from the vendor IT Infinity Pte Ltd. During implementation of the Time Attendance System, there is no downtime and my company’s operation was not affected at all. Ms. Tan, Director


Biometric Time Attendance

Purchase of Time Control System: Time Attendance System is very useful for our company. It has saved me so much time. Even with 80 pax staff I can check staff attendance any time in a very easy way and allows me to see an accurate timing of the attendance. The system has help to increase productivity and I can fulfill the worker payroll within one day. Their (IT Infinity Pte Ltd) customer service is great. Friendly and patience to assist us in the Opensoft software. We strongly recommend IT Infinity for Time Attendance System because of their immense knowledge and excellent implementation experience. Ms. Koh, Account Manager


Sage ERP

Purchase of SAGE 300 ERP System & Support Services: Smooth and accurate data migration from previous DOS-Based Accounting system to current SAGE 300 ERP Accounting system. Comprehensive operational training and according to users’ requirements during the implementation. Enhanced customisation of reports, such as Vendor Costing and Customer Sales Statistics which provide accurate information to make timely business decisions. Mashin Shokai’s objectives were met, such as the elimination of data corruption, increased productivity and achieved operational excellence as well as enhanced reporting efficiency. IT Infinity demonstrated excellent customer service. Support staffs are friendly, helpful and patient to service us when we face queries or issues in the Accpac system. We will recommend SAGE products and IT Infinity on their immense knowledge and our good implementation experience with them. Ms. Dorna Ang, Director


Great Sales Tool

Sage CRM reminds our sales team at every stage of the selling cycle, starting from the prospecting stage to the closing stage. It is an indispensable sales tool for both new recruits in sales as well as for the sales managers. ~Finance co.

Easy To Use

Sage CRM is intuitive and user friendly and enhances sales productivity. We believe that our salesmen should not be wasting time learning or using complicated software. ~Mfg firm


With Sage CRM, we know why customers buy and don’t buy, forecast when they would buy, whom have they interacted in our company, as well as who are the influencers and decision makers. There is a wealth of information to be mined. The benefits are priceless! ~MNC in Commodities

Social Media

Sage CRM operates seamlessly the major social media platforms, which gives the marketing department a great insight into the ROI of marketing campaigns, customers’ response on social media, gathering information from customers to improve products. ~F&B industry

Compute Payroll (Time Attendance)

Purchase of VIRDI System and Opensoft Time Control: We had installed one unit of the time attendance system from IT Infinity and was connected with the payroll system. We find the time attendance system very useful and easy to use as it reduces the workload and save time in calculating lateness and overtime. The system also allows to view or generate the daily attendance report and overtime report at any time. The service and support of IT Infinity was good. Their staff is always available to help me with my questions while I was still familiarizing with the time attendance system. We have used IT Infinity for the past years and they have kept up their good work! Ms. Ong, Administrator


Reduce Paperwork

Purchase of Time Control System: The system tracks useful information like staff lateness, overtime, allowances etc. We uploaded this information into the Opensoft Payroll Software to calculate staff salary. It greatly helped reduce paperwork and eliminate potential human errors. The system is user-friendly. It takes minutes to produce the report of every employee’s lateness, OT, and especially irregular working hours and shift schedules with consistent, accurate and automatic calculations. The system’s greatest benefits for our company is accurate and timely employee management. As a client, I feel comfortable recommending their (IT Infinity) services. Their customer service officers are friendly, patient… and provided assistance immediately on any questions. We are very pleased with the quality and service provided from IT Infinity Pte Ltd. Christine, Account Executive