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Biometric vs Punch Card

Traditional employee time attendance systems such as access cards, punch-in punch-out cards are prone to abuse. Cards can be passed on to an accomplice or subject to misplacement, hence creating unnecessary security and replacement costs for the company. On the contrary, a biometric time clock such as Virdi’s fingerprinting devices assures that no employee can punch in for another, and the issue of fingerprinting fraud is non-existent.

Virdi and Opensoft Time Control (time and attendance)

At IT Infinity, we distribute Virdi’s range of fingerprinting devices, which have been well-integrated with Opensoft Time Control (a time and attendance software). Together, the entire system stamps out fraud with advanced fake fingerprint detection technology and reduces payroll costs for companies. Additionally, payroll processing will be much more efficient because Opensoft Time Control can be customised to transfer time and attendance data into the Opensoft Payroll Software (or any supporting existing payroll software) whereby salary can be computed automatically for each employee based on their time-in and time-out credentials.

Grants for Supported Solutions

Grants are available to assist companies to implement Time Attendance with supporting solutions such as Opensoft Payroll and Leave Management.

Details are available on OpensoftHR website.

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